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Few bugs...



THANK YOU! You exceeded my expectations with this game. Some bugs I have encountered:


1) For some reason I managed to unlock inner library door and loot everything that was not tied down and resulted in me being caught in before getting The Parable of Wael and The Theorems of Pandrgam. Afterwards, when I finished Wael quest and returned for my Theorems, I was assaulted by everyone, which resulted in major reputation loss, failing Wael quest and me replaying all of Defiance bay. Curses!


2) For some reason I could not unlock door in Raedric's hold basement. I went through over the wall, killed everyone and went down to basement. My idea was to double cross the priest, which I did, but I could not get the door open as key was missing (and yes, I looted everything). Yes, I play as rogue.


3) Counter for events on Stronghold screen does not disappear when you act on action - send companion on adventure, pay off unwanted guests, etc. It properly resets only when I restart game itself (not just reload).

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4) In Twin Elms where you have to deal with ice loving elves similar thing to 1) happened - I looted everything (while not being caught), then went out, got one of two quests (missing person one) and when I came back everyone turned angry. Curses! Replayed area with picking up quest - no problem.

5) I can't finish quest from Twin Elms treehouse inn. No matter what I do (kill animals, let them go, arrest them, convince them to give up) quest just hangs with 'investigate the blood trail'.

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