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How to play a chanter

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I have this chanter in my party, but i do not know how to play the character.

In Combat, if i click his phrases he does not sing or do anything but use his gun.

What am I doing wrong is there any tutorial for this class of characters?

The manual isn't very helpful.

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He should auto-chant, you don't need to click the phrases although you can edit the sequence to make a combination you prefer. So he can fire the gun as well.


Once 3 phrases are out you can use an invocation which is more powerful. This requires manual intervention and selection of the invocation to use (from the Level 1 abilities button)

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Once you have constructed a chant, it will automatically start and persist while in combat. While your character auto chants he also accumulates phrase points which are displayed in a small yellow circle-like thing in the bottom right of the character portrait. Once you have 3 points you can cast 1st level phrases by using them like a wizard spell.

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