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  1. Sorry, take your time and fix the game mechanics, obviously this cannot be done within a few days, We have to be be more patient.
  2. This was the last time i pre-ordered a game. The developers are acting in a way i will not support anymore in the future, selling a game that is unplayable pisses me and many other buyers off! it is ridiculous how the react to customer complaints. I will never buy any game from this company again!
  3. My Ranger Pet Bear disappeared as well, i think it is a bug the developers know about. All we can do is sit and wait for the patch to come.
  4. Now i understood the mechanism, it seems to take quite a while until the chanter sang 3 phrases and is able to cast a spell. Thank you for your help.
  5. I have this chanter in my party, but i do not know how to play the character. In Combat, if i click his phrases he does not sing or do anything but use his gun. What am I doing wrong is there any tutorial for this class of characters? The manual isn't very helpful.
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