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WARNING - some spoilers.  (not many though)

    Secondary Warning, fairly lengthy.


So far I've encountered relatively few bugs, and none of them have
caused me any real headaches.  I generally look in the steam
discussions (forums) for answers to whatever I'm looking for.  When
this inevitably fails, I head to Obsidians forums (this generally
fails as well), but this means I'm constantly alt-tabbing in and out
of the game, which may be why some of these appeared.
I'll list em, starting with the worst of them.

-  After alt-tabbing quite heavily I went to save my game in case I'd
forgotten before I alt-tabbed out.  All saves for my current character
(except the autosave) had disappeared.  Quite frightening.  I now have
a backup of my saves.

-  While attempting to use my keep page, the scroll down somehow got
stuck.  Nothing I did would allow its normal function.  Closing the
game and re-opening it fixed this.

-  Every once in awhile, my characters will lose most of their ai. 
Highlighting everyone and telling them to attack a target will
generally result in 2 out of 6 of them attacking said target while the
rest stand there, forcing me to manually click each of them and force
attack the target individually.  At the same time their pathing seems
to disappear, and if the target/location isn't available as a straight
line, they will cease to move/attack again.

-  While in the inventory screen highlighting certain items on the
character (generally the head/necklace/belt slots) will be blurry and
shift side to side a pixel or two rapidly.

-  NPC's (Eder) have unnaturally high hp, and some stats of npcs dont
match up with created characters.

-  Not sure if bug but after a mission from the keep, it says to check
 your halls chest for rewards, there are no rewards.

As far as I can remember, that is all the bugs I've seen.



Now I've not gone heavily into testing stats but it seems to me that
currently Con is the weakest.  Just thinking out relatively straight
numbers Con could be changed to a flat 5 hp and 1% hp and end per
point.  Early on, this is a small increase to anyone who uses the stat
 over the current Con, later levels would have a slight decrease for
anyone with high hp/end.

Also, I saw a suggestion on these forums for Con to effect armor
recharge reduction, which I'd like but am currently unsure if it's
needed based on;


I've generally run the game so far as having the flimsiest armor I can
reasonbly live with for attack speeds (Mage/priest in robes, tanks in
plate/heavy everyone else in between).

I had just reached Dyrford Ruins and the boss battle (the first shot
at it) killed all my characters in under 10 seconds (well, 3 of my
party was dead in 4 seconds, no way I could win after that).  Based on
this, I decided if they are hitting me this severely, I will put
EVERYONE in high DR armor, and be damned with the reduction in speed.

This caused the fight to drag out barely.  It also caused me to win
with nearly no health lost at all.  Since, I've been running around in
heavy armor (without realizing it at first, because I had forgotten I
switched their armors out) and I have been surviving FAR better.
I have not noticed (and if I have, it's a small change) to my speeds.

While I like being able to survive everything on everyone now (for the
most part) I feel this is very unbalanced, especially for roleplaying.


After playing with multiple characters, and especially on my rogue, I
began noticing that certain weapons just didn't cut it.

My first rogue used stilettos, and did very subpar damage (yes I had
spikes) but in general I'd see mainly 4's, with a bit of spikes in the
6 range, when the stars aligned I'd get 10-15's.

After making a new rogue based on new information about stats and
weapons, I began using maces.  I still attack almost as quickly as
stilettos, but I do 15 average, with high spikes.  Where I'd stab
about 3 or 4 times to take off 1 little diamond (I assume 20% of the
enemies hp/end?) on my first rogue, I take off two, sometimes 3 of the
enemies 'diamonds' (40-60?%) in one hit using maces.  I'm also more
accurate, somehow.

I just feel weapons in general need a bit of love here.

Weapon speeds--

I've seen it crop up here before, but having an actual number for
weapon speeds instead of relative terms (average, slow) would greatly
help in determing what we wish to use in our builds.


My latest playthrough has no Wizard.  Looking through my old parties
to see weak links, the weakest was the Wizard.  So I looked at them
compared to other classes.

Yes I like the Wizards renamed Magic Missle,  I always have, its a
staple for a reason.  But other spells, aside from actually either
doing nothing or missing all the time (not sure which) or causing harm
to everyone made me look at the druid.

Now granted, they have a plethora of spells I'll never be able to use
because 75% of spells in this game affect everyone (or so they say/aoe
circles look like) but they have quite a few spells I like, that I can
use, and they have some endurance heals.  They also feel less squishy
than a mage.  Plus, in a pinch I can shapeshift (I've heard people say
the shapeshifts are terrible too, but once I feel I'm good on spells
it's always been a dps increase for me)

At the moment, my Druid outperforms my Wizard in every way.

And Lastly,

In my current playthrough, my party has;
Rogue - 22000 damage done
Fighter - 5000 damage done (tank)
Barbarian - 8,500 damage done
Druid - 8000 damage done
Priest - 2,500 damage done
Paladin hasn't been in long enough to formulate
All other members have been in there since the very earliest I could
get or create them.

Just based on this, I feel rogues damage is either quite a bit high,
or everyone else (except for the tank/s) are quite a bit low.

While it is my personal opinion, I feel Wizards or pure magic using
fold in general should be very near a rogue if not surpassing them.
In general, I just feel that classes are too... random.  I'm sure if I
had chosen other talents and whatnot I'd get much different results
but in general I feel dps classes, outside of spikes, should be fairly
comparable damage wise, or at least damage/survivability wise.

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