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Clarification on St. Waidwen

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I just finished my first playthrough of the game, I took my time and did most of the quests barring a few towards the end of Act III. Is there anything that I may have missed that expands on Waidwen's background in the Saint's War? Since it is said at the end that the gods are not actually real, then Waidwen would not really be the living form of Eothas as he claimed. Was Waidwen just an exceptionally powerful mortal or is there anything else that further explains his background?

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The gods were real in the sense that they were exceptionally powerful entities with a degree of control over the world.


They weren't real in the sense that they weren't the creator-deities that they were posing as. They're artificial beings made by the Engwithian people to resolve problems they believed endemic to human society.


So Waidwen was most likely possessed in some fashion by Eothas.

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