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- Character selection circles colored by the character color from inventory screen, would make it easier to just glance at see who's who in tight situations


- Confused characters should act as neutral (yellow?) in combat. I hate when the party attacks their confused allies or can't attack (unless forced with A) enemies.


- Action queue shows up top of the toolbar when selecting a character, and in the screen (dotted line for move orders). Chaincasting / using skills is quite tedious right now. There's a small window when the spell starts to go off to when it's cast while assigning new orders is confusing.


- Pathfinding needs some work, with more than 2 melee characters (even if the other guy has reach) you need to micromanage every attack order.


- Color-code items more, plain fine,exceptional etc. items should stay blueish, if the item has other magic properties make it green and if it's an artifact make it yellow/goldish/bronze tint. (Sell all plain items button anyone?)



PS. The auto-pause options are amazing!

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To add to this, several suggestions of my own:


*The option to have text labels over characters heads on-screen in combat so it's easier to select the party member you want / target the right enemy.


*Fix fog of war by changing it to wider radius, and changing the filter for explored areas to the minimum shade (i.e. maximum transparency/visibility) that still makes it clear that NPC's are being hidden by it. The scenery, from what I've seen, is quite nice, but it would be much nicer if most of it were not hidden most of the time. Also, using a lighter shade in daytime, and a medium to darker shade at night (they might already do this last part but I haven't played enough to be sure).


*Ability to choose when recruiting unique companions whether to let the system select levels for them, or to leave them as level one with bunch of stacked level-ups. One long-standing gripe I had with IE games be it DS IWD and similar skill-tree based game with companions was that you needed to choose between exploring at your own pace, and having any say in how your party was leveled. It kills the fun of exploration if you need to blaze through it once before you even start playing. You can get around this in principle by using all tavern companions, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having unique companions. I know there's also the console commands, which I probably will use as a band-aid for this, but it would be nice not to have to.


*Add the option to use static portraits for party members, based on their 3D models. The unique companions seem to mostly be okay portrait-wise, but I was somewhat frustrated that a significant percentage of the portraits don't have models that match up with them (wrong hair, wrong face etc..), and the majority of the 3D models have no portrait that reflects them, or the few that do are done at bizarre angles that I wasn't a fan of. An option to generate 2D portraits from their initial 3D heads & torso armor and/or option to generate it on the fly (update 2D portraits whenever they change their armor). A per-character option for invisible helmets might also be nice.

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Very good suggestions. I like the idea of having different colored circles under your characters. It really does help with strategically placing characters quicker. This was a welcomed addition to BGEE.


I also agree with the confused status of characters. Maybe keep the confused character attacking wildly, but character who aren't confused shouldn't start attacking them by default. 

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