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Is there a place that explains the game's mechanics in detail? I mean, I know about attacks with grazes and crits, I know how DR works and engangement and so on. But I'm a number-chruncher and there's just not enough information for that.


Like, what exaclty do the various racials do? Humans get a short-time bonus to accuracy and damage once they are below 50%. Wood Elves get bonuses against distant enemies. What are the numbers for those? I know I can check the abilities ingame but since the character creation doesn't really give any details it's a bit hard to make any reasonable choices. Also, does the wood elf racial work for stuff like spells? Will the Marksman talent increase my spell accuracy against distant enemies or only ranged weapon attacks?


I hope the official wiki will at some point show all those details. I remember the DA:O wiki including lots of additional info like that. Till then, I'd like to know if there's already a guide or something on mechanics.

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