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Ranger Bug?





as you all know, the ranger and his companion has a special friendship. If someone of them die, the other get a debuff.


So...my Ranger got this debuff 24/7, despite the animal companion is alive. I dont know what to do, i took a rest after the fight, traveled much, took a rest again....

it looks like the special debuff will not dissappear.


maybe i am to stupid, but i couldnt find something usefull in the manual.

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yeah I've got this as well, my main is a ranger and picked up the ranger companion. Both are stuck with the pet grief debuff permanently.

I found that in my castle i didnt destroyed all enemies. So i searched a bit around, found another group of enemies at my castle and killed them. since them, the debuff is gone.

But instead of that, i got another problems.

On EVERY MAP i have 3 Skelletons and one Ghost, who i cant controll. But they will fight for me if i start a fight. After the fight they recover and go to their first position. Anyone has problems with that?



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