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money exploit and other bugs.

Tristis Oris





Endless path, 6lvl. After each location visit this tomb contain money.






above boss room. Whats this?




always have a number of event, even if they not exist.



This happens sometimes.

austoscroll in dialogues and shops. - need exit game.
- does not display interface open chests. - need exit game.
icon\or effect of paladin aura disappeared.
- reenable aura.

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2. my mage have endless count of spell. They always recovering after battle.


The other stuff is all bugs, but high level mages are intended to turn their low level pre-rest spells into per-encounter spells. But the game should probably be patched to tell you that on level-up.

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Skeletons or phantom spawned by Kana Rua can persist after the battle giving you huge advantage at the beginning of next encounter.


I don't know how to reproduce it, sadly, but I had this happening to me all the time until I reached Defiance Bay. Thought it's an intentional feature...

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Another sort-of-exploit.


If your character Health is lower than Endurance - your Endurance will go down, always being capped at the maximum amount equal to the current health.

There is a way to bypass it 

If you'll level up your character it's Endurance will restore to the maximum, ignoring health cap. So I have character with 90/90 Endurance and 31/270 health. There is a bar visible in a middle of my character portrait, as usually when your Endurance is capped by Health, but game doesn't respect it.


Either Endurance should be capped at the health level all the time or health should be restored to the maximum along with Endurance when leveling up.

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1. When traveling (Hearthsong-Caen Nua, 1d 18h) appeared the escort event. Time is up and I lost my reputation. Before traveling was no any events.


2. Can't lvl up (one time on 12), solved by restarting game.



3. Shops equip compare working, but member select not visible.

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end my last endgame report. me tired..


-[quest] at the mercy of tribe

no dialog options to solve the quest if you use authority (4) to kill only the leader, but already cleaned out the northern route to sail.

1. You can let them go - youll be attacked by tribes.

2. You can kill all marauders - quest failed - but you can done quest to tribe, without a mark in the journal, awards and reputation.


-[quest] a servant of death; Belath; part 2 - killing Rehstin from Etith Nol

I'm not sure, but the quest is working very crooked:

-no trigger the disclosure of worship and killing ONLY Restin, many NPC in the bloody sands are silent.

-No journal notice about who you target.


only one path, which I find - killing everyone in bloody sands. (by dialog with Rehstin with 1 option).



-After download character are wounded - the maximum level of stamina is locked, or begins regen.


-in Breith Eaman was blocked stairs to exit. Became available after a reboot.


-in combat slow mode is automatically activated. quick is impossible. if it is not a bug, it is necessary to game settings.



kill all dragon - don't get. 3 dragons, yep?

explore every map - don't get. i'm sure a been everywhere.

stronghold upgrades - written everywhere, but again.


-because of black screen bug, one location missing from my save. so i can't delete it to repair.

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-[quest] at the mercy of tribe

also bugged for me except , it allowed me to put him in my dungeon and then everyone disappeared and the quest never updated 


explore every map - i haven't gotten this yet, but according to my friend there are some easy 2 miss places that count as 'maps' which are places within places ; will update 


in addition Edér's quests are bugged for me; no journal entry , not completed  


i think there might be 4 drakes , but i might be just wrong because it was late night when i did some of the stuff and i might be counting one dragon twice due to reloading ETC 

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i would edit but i don't know how to,  


-[quest] at the mercy of tribe

so quest is now updated , when i left and came back to the area the chick and the guy appeared at the bottom near some trees and i could update the quest and complete it


however now for the scepter quest the Imatl guys is missing (in Ondra's Gift)


Edér's quests are still bugged


also for dragons , there's 3 i was counting the drake in Endless Paths of Od Nua - Level 5 as a dragon , and to kill the one at the bottom of the dungeon you would have to of already killed this one anyways, another thing to try would be killing all the drakes maybe it counts it as dragons ? , but seeing as you are end game you have probably already done that as well

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