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KotOR 2 - Onderon Bug talking to Vaklu / Talia

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Hi Guys,


I have some problems in the palace of Onderon.

After fighting against Master Kavar I wanted to talk to Vaklu or Talia but nothing happens. I tried to leave the palace and go back but there are still no options.


I watched a walkthrough on youtube.

"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZm4QC8xyk8" at about 06:50

There I saw that normally, after the fight against Kavar, you should be able to controll your whole party, but i can only navigate my main character...


Does anybody know a possibility to fix that issue?




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Being in control of only the PC is normal using TSLRCM, which version do you use?


Also, any other mods? You shouldn't need to manually talk to Talia or Vaklu, there's a trigger that should activate the cutscene/talk.




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