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Where do we report bugs now?

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I'm reported a number of bugs and put out a number of RFEs (Request For Enhancement, I learned it during my software tester days) in the Backer Beta Bug Reporting sub-forum. Then somebody wrote that the beta is over, that sub-forum is obsolete, which made me consider. I know that the beta is over, but putting bug reports in General Discussion is a not good idea. The same reason a separate sub-forum existed during the beta is why we should have a separate bug reporting forum now. So where do we report now? I would prefer that the sub-forum is renamed, but whatever the answer is, I'll accept it, I just want one


I'm not an attention whore, but for this, I would like to have a dev team response. I'm a dutiful bug reporter and have a stream of improvement ideas while playing, I would like to do my job of making this game better.

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