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Raedric Castle Main Gate



My game crashes when i try to enter Raedric Castle from the main gate.

I was already inside of the castle but didnt finish the end fight because i was too weak.

Cant attache any files but i have them if anyone needs them.


Edit: Game also crashes when i try to enter the throne room from the temple. There isnt by any chance a third way in which i could check out?



Kind regards


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apparantly if you open your savegame with a zip program and delete the AR files for raedric castle (specifically the .lvl file for the zone you are trying to enter) you should be able to enter. However, everything will also respawn.


I am really needing a fix for this asap without having to do that. I play on path of the damned difficulty and can no longer leave the castle and I dont want to have anything respawn as that would be really cheaty. Unless there is a fix coming for this I will restart my game for it. If I stumble into this again on my second playthrough though, then I'm unfortunately gonna have to shelve the game until it is fixed.

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Thanks for your advices, still had a save when i was outside of the castle. No real need to edit save files and stuff.

Just FYI after searching every path i suddenly get stuck on the temple floor and couldnt load anywhere. It seemed like i got stuck after i killed all enemies on that floor but just might be a coincidence.


Sorry for opening a new topic for a known issue. Couldnt find the forum search + lazy me :D

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