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Dear Obsidian,


I want to write something to you. I took a look today at the forums and was... disappointed to say the least. There happens to be some negativity going around, and while it (the negativity) will always happen I just wanted to write my thoughts on Pillars of Eternity.


I am too young to have played Baldur's Gate when it first came out (just barely), but I have always loved a good RPG. With some Neverwinter Nights and a extremely solid love for Morrowind under my belt I ventured forth into the realm of isometric RPG's. My first long and true connection was for sure with Dragon Age Origins (does that count?), and the next was BG(1, I gave retro a try and was not let down, but then again I like most older games). Both of these were excellent and hit close to the perfect spot.


Fast forward and Project Eternity was on KS. I immediately backed it (something I don't do). I wasn't able to give much but I gave what I could and then I walked away. I simply trusted in the hands that were on the dev team, and I didn't want to suffer from prolonged hype stress (:p). I kept tabs every once in awhile but nothing steady.


Fast forward again to release. I was excited as ever but didn't quite know what to expect. I was afraid that my excitement would lead to over expectations. But... As I began to play Pillars of Eternity I was simply. amazed. The story sucked me in, the writing blew me away, and the characters were incredible! (and I consider myself a critic in each of these departments). Now this game is not without areas that could see improvement, but I have honestly never had my thought-to-be-high-expectations shattered like this. There are very few things I could say about this game in general (for me), because I just enjoy it so much. Furthermore, the game is very polished. Yeah sure there are a few bugs here and there and some things that aren't perfect (what game is?), but I can see the level of passion and determination that went into all aspects of this game, including polish.


So where am I now? I am ecstatic to be able to play this game, and especially excited to have been a part of the KS campaign. I am grateful to you, Obsidian, for this amazing game, and I am sure that most of the community is too (93 on metacritic, 93% positive on steam, etc). So Obsidian, I want to say one thing,


Thank You.




~ Lord Valgor

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