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How do you revive an unconscious ally?

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I ran afoul of a couple Forest Lurkers, and two members of my party -- Durance and my PC's bear companion -- got knocked out.




Everybody else got away.  The combat is over, and the forest lurkers are not killing my party members, but they're also not getting up.  I don't know what to do.


Eder was maimed, so he's effectively out of it.  That leaves my PC - a ranger - and Aloth.  If Durance were still up, I'd have him cast a Restore Light Endurance from a distance to get them on their feet so they could run away.  But he's not.  I've got some potions, but I haven't found any mechanism for pouring one down the throat of a downed ally.  I tried running in, getting their attention, and trying to kite them away, but they didn't chase me far enough.


All I really want is to get them back on their feet so I can run away and rest someplace.  Am I just going to have to reload from an earlier save?



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