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Sickness and Bonded Grief Bug



Bonded Grief Bug


Note: My ranger was hired from the inn in Gilded Vale, I'm not sure if that has any consequence but my friend currently playing a ranger as his main hero has never had an issue with bonded grief.


Currently I'm having the continued issue of every time that my pet knocked down the bonded grief becomes permanent until I "maim(kill)" my ranger and then rest.

  • Yes I've tried knocking my pet back out and getting him to revive, no it doesn't work
  • No resting doesn't get rid of the affect and regardless you don't want to just burn through your campsites like that
  • Yes I've tried just having my ranger knocked out and a variation of my ranger/pet being knocked out together and no it doesnt work
  • Yes I've tried leaving the zone that I was currently in and repeating above steps elsewhere and still to no avail
  • Pretty much every suggestion you're going to give I've tried. It's an issue in the coding with the companions health


Reasons behind it: Pets have health and endurance separate of  the ranger and I'm noticing that my pets health never decreases when he is attacked or knocked down.

**Devs please fix this with a mini patch as it currently makes the ranger ABSOLUTELY UNPLAYABLE. (-20 accuracy -20 will and -4 might is a HUGE debuff which affects the rangers damage greatly which is fine as long as the pet is ACTUALLY DEAD)


Currently the only two fixes I know: Dismiss party member, readd at stronghold or kill the ranger and rest.


Sickness Bug


Note: I've only had thing bug within the Endless Paths underneath the stronghold fighting the ogre druids


Every ogre druid I fought that completed the spell "Swarm" I believe caused sickness on my party which had some negative affects but also did damage over time. The issue is that the debuff had a 9999999 timer on it so it would stay on my party members hit until they all died. Even worse is the fact it would stay on my bear even after the bear would get knocked down and come back up. Basically I had to continually just do a quick save before every fight and reload if they got the spell off.


I even had the priest cast the spell that reduces the timer on sickness ect ect but there is nothing that actually cures the debuff.


**While this is not a game breaking bug, for future players it'd be great if this could be fixed.



If you need anything from me devs files or such let me know and I'll get them to you to help resolve this issues as soon as possible

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I've just run into Sagani with a permanent Bonded Grief, too. After a fight against a mixed Ogre party in Elmshore Cave. I had rested when I noticed the bad status on her. I rested again out of curiosity. Didn't clear Bonded Grief either. Then I reloaded the saved game... that has helped.


There's a bug.

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