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thanks to Obsidian for the Linux version! (and GOG...)


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Just wanted say:

  1. I'm perhaps 15 hrs into the game (though just L4 - I play slow!), and so far, this is feeling like the best RPG of the last decade.  Not that there weren't some others I liked too, but everything just fits so very well together in PoE.  Perfect it's not, of course, but it's a breath of fresh air compared to all the games we've had to suffer through in the last decade and a half billing themselves as RPGs when they were really first person shooters.
  2. Enormous thanks to Obsidian for making a native Linux version.  Very nice, since I haven't owned a Windows machine for a long time now.  Wine is okay, but native is vastly better.
  3. Also thanks for having GOG as an option.  If it had been Steam-only, I would not have backed it on KS, nor bought it in any other way, and that would have sucked, given how good it is.

Great stuff.  I'll happily buy any other sequels, expansions, or other games you make on the same engine.  There are always potential improvements to any system, and I think this could shape up to be the CRPG system for the next half decade or more.



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