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We don't have many ways to change the damage of spells, wounds, powers, and so on. With attribute selection being at character creation only, and then only Might items changing the relevant stat, it feels like the abilities will do the same amount of damage from beggining to the end of the game. This could make many abilities useless later on.


Do weapons change the damage of any kind of special ability? So a more powerful weapon would make spells, powers, and etc to do more damage?



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Some abilities say 'full attack': that means you do an attack with the weapon, with the damage done by the weapon, as part of that ability.


As for the rest... right now, the level 1 abilities do enough damage to be useful throughout the game... plus, at level 9, level 1 abilities start becoming per-encounter, rather than per-rest, which keeps them valuable into the endgame.

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