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Is backtracking for free rest always possible?

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According to the wiki (http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Rest), PoE has at least a couple of locations available for free rest.  However, is it always possible to return to these locations from any point in the game?  For example, are there any dungeons from which you can't leave once your party enters, forcing you to use camping supplies for rest?


If backtracking is always feasible, then the only gateway for potentially resting after every encounter is your patience, rendering camp supply limitations in higher levels of difficulty moot.  Needless to say, this issue has a great impact on optimal party selection, so I'd love to hear feedback from those of you who are deep into the game.

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You can just try and beat the dungeon with two rests + camping supplies you find inside the dungeon + resting spots you find inside the dungeon. Most places are designed so that if you rest after 3-4 battles, then you have enough resting resources to not require backtracking. 


You can rest after every single battle if you want and spend a lot of time going back and forth, but the game is not balanced around that. It's a cheese option. If you still want to do it, no problem, but it makes the game a lot easier. 


Anyway, I'm in Act 2 so far and there hasn't been any dungeons where I can't backtrack.

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