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Dungeon under stronghold level 8 - problem with fampyr



Hey, on the 8th lvl of the dungeon there is a lot of fampyrs ,I've read that there's a quest from the 'fampyr lord' to get rid of other fampyrs, but I can't get it somehow, already tried all dialogue options and he always attacks me, seems that none of my characters can speak engwithan, is it a bug? I think it might be because all the walkthroughs never mentioned problems like this, so it sounds like there shouldn't be any. They just write - talk to him, get quest, or kill him, whatever . I'd like to do the quest ( Already killed all other fampyrs, so additional xp would be nice ).

Tried talking to him before killing other fampyrs / after killing / with every team member I could (which are Kana, Aloth, Eder, Sagani, the fire priest guy, the druid guy and the Mother), however fampyr's reaction was always the same, only Kana is saying that the fampyr must be speaking engwithan.


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