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Losing Health When Loading

Maciej Siemie?ski


I have just bought and installed the game. I created a Male, Godlike of Nature, Druid. Within the Encampment and the next area, when creating a new save and loading it for the first time, part of my character's health goes down. This happens each and every time I create a save, and then load it for the first time.


Does this occur to anyone else? I simply stopped playing and uninstalled the game due to frustration.

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Can confirm this. Exactly same setup - male, godlike of nature (human-like look if it matters), druid - same thing happens. Is this a feature of sort, a hidden penalty to prevent exploiting save/load mechanics? If so - please make it clear, because i was not able to find anything but this post addressing the issue.


Does anyone with another gender/male/class experience the same thing? Please comment, should you come across the thread.


Thank you!

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