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Durance Gains Permenant Stat Increases from the Talisman of the Unconquerable



Issue: Durance appears to be steadily gaining permanent increases to his intellect from The Talisman of Unconquerable.


Steps to reproduce: I didn't notice this at first so I'm not sure exactly what's going on.


1. Equip the Talisman of the Unconquerable on Durance

2. Travel, fight and rest with him for some time

3. Note that his endurance slowly inceases


What I would expect to happen: A +2 boost in intellect when Durance's endurance is over 50% as described in the item's text that only occurs when he has the Talisman equipped.


Screenshots: Notice that the stats record that the base value is 13 when the Talisman is equipped and that the Talisman is giving him a 0 point boost. (Yet somehow he has 23.) When it is not equipped it says he has a base value of 21.









Attachments: I wasn't able to attach a savegame or the output log (former too big even as a .zip and the second failed for some reason) so they're here on google drive:





(First is save game and second is output.)


EDIT: Seems to be the same bug as this issue: forums.obsidian.net/topic/73188-amulet-of-health-permanently-raising-endurance/

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Aloth gets it too (Aloth currently has 50 INT).


Thanks for posting Master Prudence. Now I know what happened.

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I can't confirm it with that particular item, but I'm seeing identical behavior with "Unwavering Resolve", a necklace. Intellect and Resolve, stats the necklace have, have since increased Durance's permanent stats by 5 or 6 points.


It also appears to be happening with Kana's Turban, which increases Intellect by 1. His base Intellect is 17, but even without the hat, it's now at 20.


So it seems this bug possibly affects every character with various items. I still have no idea what directly causes the increase. Saving and loading at certain points, I assume, from reading other posts about it.

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