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I'll explain how to use NVidia driver activated FXAA (Anti Aliasing)

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Hello Everyone!


I will explain how you can use NVidia driver activated FXAA (Anti Aliasing) with Pillars of Eternity. For this to work two things are necessary.


1. Activate FXAA in the NVidia driver panel.


2. Permanently deactivate MSAA in the game.

Unfortunately this is as of now not possible with on board tools because MSAA always reverts back to its original state after you transitioned into another area or loaded a save game. However, there is a little tool called PoEKey available that automatically deactivates MSAA every time it is necessary. It achieves that by automatically executing a macro every time the game loads a new area. The tool is created by a friend of mine called XiDragon, a known modder for NWN 2 that created e.g. xUI. You can grab the tool HERE


Only downfall so far is that the current version of PoEKey only supports screen resolutions of 1920x1080. But if you help the author XiDragon by providing specific screen shots of the game in your desired resolution, he will implement your resolution within no time. What he needs is two screen shots, one of the loading screen that shows in between loading areas and one from within the game that shows the GUI, both would be best in uncompressed BMP format. Fraps for example will be able to create those screen shots he needs. If you want you can upload screen shots here and I will then forward them to XiDragon. If you do so please state in the post for which resolution the screen shots are!


So please help and support XiDragon so he will be able to implement whatever screen resolutions you desire!


Why would you want to have driver activated FXAA activated in the first place you might ask? Simple, the game looks far better than without it! Unfortunately it is impossible to create screenshots that properly show the difference! This is because the missing anti aliasing is most obvious while the game is running and the characters are animated. And neither I nor my friend XiDragon have the time to create a proper video. So you either take my word for it or leave it be. woot.gifwink.png


Have Fun

"Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, but I'm not absolutely sure about the universe."
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