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Bug: endless combat in prison



When you enter your (soon to be) stronghold for the first time, there is a room full of prison cells and spiders right behind the throne room. When I entered the prison, I send my tank forward and when some spiders attacked I pulled them back to my party and killed them. I repeated this several times without problems.


But then I pulled a group of spiders and after all of them were dead, I remained in combat mode. No enemy was visible on the screen and nothing did attack me. Combat mode ended after I killed all remaining spiders in this room.


expected behaviour:

Combat mode should only be active when an enemy sees you and tries to attac you.



I play the german gog version on windows 7.

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FWIW I've experienced this same bug a little deeper in the stronghold.


After we talked to the Custodian -- whatever the talking statue up in the main hall is called -- we were able to get past the doorway just off the prison that was previously blocked by the force-field. In there, at the room with the Wyrm, Priests, Champion etc, we got stuck in endless combat too. The enemy were long dead but there was seemingly nothing we could do to get out of combat mode.


I tried everything I could think of but eventually had to abort and quit out of the game to get out of Combat.


I'm on Steam, Linux Mint 17.1.

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