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Cleaning My Basement: Week 4

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I was exhausted, and hungry. I hadn’t seen daylight in three days. Hell, other than the glow of our weapons and the blaze of Aloth’s spells, I hadn’t seen seen light.

As we walked up the ruined hallway, I saw an opening ahead to our left. Eder glanced at me and I sighed again; I was going to have to point the way, of course. Who else was going to make the smart choice? Grieving Mother?


My sword and armor was caked with Xuarip blood and my back was sore from sleeping on in my armor in the last room. We’d had to pile up the corpses in the corner after I used my hatchet to hack off all the dragon whelp’s wings so I could boil them for potions later.

As we approached the turn, I motioned to the Eder and the others to stay back. I reached into the sack and pulled out a dark orange globe; a fireball trap could always come in handy.

Sighing, I heading up the hallway wondering why I couldn’t have a damn wine cellar like every other noble.

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