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Slow loading times typical steam fix



As many know by now games on steam can load very slowly and sometimes even run very poorly. This is often caused by launching the game through steam, either through the default shortcut the game makes during install or through the steam application itself.




a) You search for SteamApps (caps is important) and open it when the search function has located it.


b) Open Common > Pillars of Eternity


c) Copy or right click and send a shortcut of PillarsOfEternity.exe to the desktop.


d) Use this to launch the game and enjoy quicker load times (!).


It's a little thing that makes a hell of a difference and I thought I'd share it as I couldn't find any post with the fix.


Happy adventuring! :)





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This didn't help me, but I hoped it would.  For some reason, my game keeps loading slower and slower the longer I play it. If I load one of my early games it loads super fast.  But my level 9 character takes an absurd length of time.

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The game still opens the Steam client/runs with it - it's not one of the "drm free" steam titles.


Yes I closed Steam client and tried clicking the exe file directly. Steam still opens. I don't think Steam per se is the cuplprit in long load times either...maybe more related to the temp saving files the game creates when saving. There was a post or two on that in another thread, I'd look for it but my head is killing me right now.

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