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Bonus stats.



 I am not really sure what caused it but for some reason one of my companions, Kana, Has suddenly gotten a lot of extra stats I am pretty sure he didn't have when I found him. He has  20 intelligence where I remember him having 18 or 19 when I hired him (he has 20 intelligence with no items equipped at all) 16/12/9/14/20/10 being his overall stats. For defensive stats he is 56/48/38/52. This is with no chants or armour or shield or anything at all equipped. His deflection goes up to 93 with a fine large shield and braces of deflection equipped. The bracers add 5 to deflection as advertised but the fine large shield is adding 32 which seems a bit much. There is no information on the character sheet under added effects which explains this. I cannot work out where my savegame is and the MUST READ thing which said to add savegames said nothing about how to do that. I'll add it later if I work it out. I only have a save of after the stats went up. For some reason Eder's shield is giving him 25 deflection too ... (he doesn't have the sword and board talent) Its the Larder Door that Eder is using.


 I only have one proper save with Kana in it and its after the issue happened. The closest I have before that is raedrics hold pre doing those quests, so kinda far. 


Edit 2. I am not sure if its intentional but my druid has his stagform bonus defenses all of the time. I can read it under active effects, it never goes away.

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