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Here's to you, Aloth. You did you best, you sorry son of a bitch.

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And so it is......


now it's down to poor old Aloth, Crismond County Squishy champion and feinter going on four years now, and the Spider Queen who hath just made reasonably short work of his four more durable partymates. 


But today..... today Aloth makes a stand, grazing the queen for her last two drops of life just before her own peircing barb takes the last of his.


Aloth smiles as he drops to his knees, seeing the queen writhe on her back in a death rattle, then horror crosses his suddenly pale, blue-tinted face as he realises he is the last ... "...t-the..loot....the loot..."


and with an outstretched hand the lights dim for our party, with all that loot sitting with the bones.



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