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suggestion: more hotkeys



i really like the game so far. the most disappointing thing, for me, is the extreme lack of hotkeys. want to take all the loot? use your mouse. want to cast a spell/ability? use your mouse.


you have to pause a lot during combat just because it takes forever to issue orders to everyone, because you have to use your mouse so much.


there were some really nice things with hotkeys, specifically the control groups so you can e.g. make a hotkey for all your ranged characters together. that is better than BGEE has.


baldur's gate enhanced edition has much better hotkeys than PoE overall though. you can make hotkeys for specific spells, such as magic missile. if you're going to be casting that common level 1 spell over and over all game, it's really nice to hotkey it. but PoE can't. and you can use all your quickslot items, thief abilities, innate abilities, worn item abilities, basically do whatever you want from the ability bar, with hotkeys in BGEE.


if you could add some hotkeys to PoE to let you do all your combat actions with hotkeys, then we could play a lot faster. and loot all hotkey please.


it's so much nicer to hit like 5 (mage hotkey), f3 (for level 3 spells, for example, f2 (for the 2nd one), click. or just one key for a common spell i cast a lot that i set to a key. then repeat for another character. then your mouse stays in the combat area the whole time instead of having to move the mouse back and forth between the character abilities and the area where you target stuff.


with good hotkeys, a veteran hardcore player could play like twice as fast. please please please add this.

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