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Justin Bieber the Chanter!

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Well the guy from NeoGaf said you should do horrible things with his portait, but using his portait for a character named after Justin Bieber just cross the line for me. ;)







I personally contributed $3000 to the Kickstarter campaign (don’t worry, I’m crazy), and in return Obsidian’s artists have painted an awesome likeness of my face that is included in-game as a playable portrait for the main character or any custom party member. You'll be able to subject the founder, owner, and head troll of NeoGAF to all sorts of pain and suffering for your pleasure. Seriously, though, use my portrait, even if you’re playing as a girl or an Orlan or an Orlan girl, or I’ll beat the crap out of you at E3. Or just silently shed a tear. Probably just silently shed a tear. Let’s choose the path of peace and love, though, okay?


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