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Game generates blank character in terrain



First off, I love this game. Worth every dollar I backed it with.


However, once I started delving into the Endless Paths, I started hitting the wall of bugs. I got the "ranger companion in terrain" bug, and since I couldn't dismiss the ranger outside my stronghold, I decided to kill her. Stripped her down and sent her into monsters. Problem solved.


However, after I moved to another level, a blank character square appeared in my party roster. The character was inside the terrain, and now I can't leave the area OR get it kill OR dismiss it.


So that's two saves borked, maybe more, and I'm concerned that the game is just going to give me glitched characters at any moment for no reason, stopping me in my tracks.


Here's a link to the .zip. Hope mediafire is okay because I don't have a dropbox.




It's my understanding that there's a cheat mode, though at this point it might be a debug mode. Is there a command to remove characters from the party?

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I have a similar Problem. I cleared Level 2 of the Endless Paths, created a new savegame and jumped down to lvl 5 and the Drake. That area already was completely bugged (not being able to select party members etc.). After i attacked the Drake and saw that i had no chance at the moment i loaded my savegame from Level 2. The Game then gave me a Party Selection including two blank characters called "*NameError*". Those are invisible and/or stuck in the Enviroment and i can't leave the area. Game's broken for me.


You can find my savegames here, all of them are borked.



Also, here you have some screenshots. Had to upload them to Dropbox too, because the Forum is similarly broken.



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Kinda solved my own problem with the cheat codes. Activate cheat mode (hit ~, enter) and type "ManageParty." It'll bring up the management screen as though you were in your stronghold. You can then move the bugged character out of the party.


They'll still be in your roster of recruitable people, and you'll disable achievements, but you'll be able to play the game.

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