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*SPOILER* Do Ciphers get synergy from SPOILER (see inside) or are they rendered obsolete?

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The main plot revolves around soul stuff and constantly refers to the powers of ciphers, watchers, and animists. 

You can't play as an animist and not matter your class you become a watcher. Which makes me wonder if playing a cipher will synergize with the watcher stuff or be rendered completely obsolete by it. 


since it seems like your watcher powers let you do whatever you damn well please to souls regardless of your class. In particular I am wondering about plot stuff happening rather then combat.

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I'm playing a cipher and I'm about 20 hours in; I just got to Defiance Bay. I haven't noticed any real reactivity between my cipher class and the Watcher stuff yet; haven't noticed any real reactivity to my class yet, even with all the animancer/cipher stuff in the lore.

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thanks katarack21


Did you happen to come across those cipher secret society thing? I noticed it mentioned in one of the lore books and had a feeling it would be something i would come across in game

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