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[BUG] Armoire can be looted indefinetly



Location: The Charred Barrel in Brackenbury, 2nd floor, locked armoire.


This armoire, after being lock picked, has 1 Fine Leather Armor and 12 silver. Clicking the armour repeatedly fills up inventory with duplicates of this armour making money a non-issue. Please fix this :-)


Files are here: 3 x screenshot, dxdiag, quick save just before, outputlog after looting.



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this is not the only place that this happens, I have also found a place where there is red gems (forgot the name, but not rubies) and some gold coins, and thats why I have 450+ of those red gems. There is also a lootable wall in od nua level 7 I think (where you have to place 3 gems to open the door) which refills each time you load a game.

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