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Stronghold actions - Adventures 'turns'

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I struggled with this one for a while too, but I noticed on one of the loading screens it had a blurb about this.  As far as I'm aware Stronghold turns are related to quest objectives.  Turns occur whenever you complete quests in the game - main story line or side quests, as far as I've noticed (not sure about tasks).


This is why many days can pass without a turn taking place and suddenly you can have a veritable plethora of turns occur over the course of a single day.

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Ah, so its by quest objectives, good to know.

This means it was/is smart strategy to 'rush' the stronghold, ie go there as soon as you can. This is also a good way to collect the initial companions quickly. Then you can go back and do the early side quests.

I can confirm I was able to win the stronghold easily with a lv3 party.

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This information really needs to be on the wiki. This is the only place I was able to find it. I wasted a bunch of time running around not doing quests because I thought it was time based.


Also, whether advancing a quest triggers a turn is inconsistent. I was repeating a quest action (due to unrelated reasons) that caused a turn to trigger, only the third time it didn't. The turn triggered after the next advancement in the quest. The fourth time repeating, the turn triggered on the initial quest advancement just as the first two times. I'm unsure if this is a bug or if there are other factors involved.


Additionally, the results of the turn (income, events) were different every time. This is not surprising, just notable.

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Loading screen


"Most events at the stronghold occur over the passage of game time. Tax collection, completion of side adventures, and the generation of crafting ingredients occur as you complete quests."


Well, yea. It was naive to think I could "farm" money, items, etc. this way. Wish I knew earlier. Did a lot of early quests cause I couldn´t beat those spirits.

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