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Storing save games on dropbox?



New member, first post - apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere.


I have two Mac laptops and am wondering if it's possible to store the save games in dropbox, allowing me to play POE at different times on both machines.


I'm thinking it would work by symlinking ~/Library/Application Support/Pillars of Eternity/Saved Games to a folder in Dropbox.


Will that work?


(Loving POE, a true successor to Baldur's Gate my all time favourite RPG. Congratulations and thank you to all involved in creating it).

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Not necessary, I rather use git or some serious VCs.


Nice idea, especially as it will allow you jump back in time to different points of your save games.


But I'd rather not have to remember to push and pull my save games to a remote repo. Dropbox will just sync it automatically across all computers as and when the save game files are updated.

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In case anyone else comes across this topic looking for an answer, keeping your save games on dropbox seems to work.


I did the following:


  1. Copied my save games to dropbox
  2. Renamed ~/Library/Application Support/Pillars of Eternity/Saved Games to ~/Library/Application Support/Pillars of Eternity/Saved Games (old) 
  3. Symlinked ~/Dropbox/Pillars of Eternity/Saved Games to ~/Library/Application Support/Pillars of Eternity/Saved Games


All working well (so far) using two different laptops.

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