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Endless Paths of Od Nua

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Hello there,

I need help with a problem I have encountered.

I was doing the quest for Kana in Endless Paths of Old Nua. After finding the elemental part and the broken tablet, which absolutely drained my whole supply count and 2 companions are at death's door. I returned to the top throught the master stair, only to find there are Leaden Key assassins waiting for me there.

That part is absolutely undoable for me. Is there any way to avoid that fight? If not I would have to restart the whole game, which doesn't really sound fun.

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Same situation here...One of my party members is maimed and I can do absolutely nothing to discourage one of the enemies from killing him right at the start of the encounter. I applaud Obsidian for creating a RPG with a minimum amount of handholding, but this situation is just unfair, considering that the dungeon is right below my stronghold and I would never have expected to be ambushed there.


So my only option is cheating and forfeiting all of the achievements?! Might as well shelf the game and maybe start from scratch in a month or however long it will take me to want to do all I have done in over 10h again.

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I'hv got the same problem, need to replay 10 hours or so, because I usually just use the quicksafe.  No camping gear left, Main Char, an two of the others maimed. There is now way to get past those assasins.  My only home is that I left some camping supplies laying around on a prevoius venture down. This is wasteing the game for me.

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