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Minor Formations complaint with huge implications/Possible Question?

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So as you all know, sometimes you come across a boss sort of fight where there's a "transition" and you're teleported into the room just in front of you to have a chat with the big bad. Screen just goes black a second and then all of your guys are standing where the game wants them to.



The problem?


The game seems to use the default formation and defaults the order to the order in which you recruited people for your party with the earliest recruits going up front. Without getting too spoilery I don't think, the first recruit you pick up isn't exactly a tank, and any tanks you may have further back might find it that much harder to get to the front. This also means that if you're a mage or something squishy yourself, then in any fight that results from a transition, you're in front and vulnerable.

  Essentially the result is that these boss fights with transition phases can be made infinitely harder simply because you have no influence over your formations when you enter the room. If you'd tweaked your formations, it doesn't matter.


Is this intended? Am I missing something and there is a way to edit this? Or is this truly just "lol have fun with your mages in front" and it's expected to be part of the difficulty? It just seems kinda lame to me. I just had one of these fights and immediately lost a mage and a cleric due to formations alone. Survived and won, but that hardly seemed neccesary or "sporting" of the game.

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