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German localization is a mere catastrophy (database errors?)



I just wanted to report on the German translation of Pillars. The written text is ok with some spelling errors here and there but nothing dramatic.


But the description of items is really, really bad and just wrong.


For example a "Great sword" becomes "Gewandtheit +3" (which is literally translated "Dexterity +3"). That's the case for basically every second or third weapon I've found so far. How could it be that nobody noticed that before release???






But it's not just item descriptions. It's also quest related items like letters that are - in this case - just broken by localization. Just look at this letter in the original English version and then the German version (yes, it's the very same letter).






Please fix that ASAP. I can live with some bad translations and spelling errors. But stuff like that is to be avoided at all costs, don't you think?


I guess the issue with item descriptions may just be a database/SQL error refering to the wrong column or whatever. It's just weird that such an obvious and avoidable error made it to the final version on such a great scale. Again, in my 10 hours of gaming that affected almost every second or third weapon I found...

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Also playing German version with all these faulty translations. Also stuck with the invisible companion bug. Still no communication expect a useless thread regarding workarounds. Really disappointed right now.


Also, I read the german Gamestar review today with a 92% score and "great overall quality". Really wondering if these issues are Steam and/or GOG related... as I am working for the Gamestar publisher in Munich, I will ask the tester on Monday if he encountered any of the issues that made it into the final v1 game client.

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Wow and here I thought the "bad translation" would be like how sometimes a friend will tell me I word my sentences slightly different from how a German would and that gives away my dual citizenship, so I assumed maybe the translators might do the same as me and just speak weird, but ultimately be comprehensible.

This though?


I lol'ed.

"The Courier was the worst of all of them. The worst by far. When he died the first time, he must have met the devil, and then killed him."



Is your mom hot? It may explain why guys were following her ?

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