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Bug with endless summoned creatures



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Had the same issue.  After I restarted the issue with the minions that don't unsummon after combat went away as did the unending debuff icon (still not sure if the actual debuff was lasting or just the icon).  Now I have a different problem though.  In various areas one of the two minions I was having issues with will just spawn and stand around endlessly.  They can't be interacted with or controlled though they can be attacked, in which case they are treated as being under my control with auto-pause triggering when they are attacked and killed.  This happens every time I load the game, so it seems to be a save file issue or something.

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Same thing happened to me. Mine only went away after another battle, then they unsummoned and stopped following me around.


I do, however, have some wyverns left over on the bridge at my keep, and there's adra beetles everywhere—even places I never brought it. One outside the Dyrford inn is kinda invisible, the one inside sometimes floats in the air. It's kinda funny though, now I can try to find the adra beetle on every map.


It was kinda confusing when I got up from the Skaen temple and there was one in Timmy's dye shop, and it helped kill the assistant. I thought it was his adra beetle first.


Maybe I should have reloaded and re-killed Iklak rather than hope it would just correct itself. By now I don't have any untainted saves left. :')


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