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Anyway to stop companions auto leveling?

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Hi there, 

I've had a look around on the forums and there doesn't seem be be any real answers to this question. I like to take my time doing quests etc but I'd much prefer it if when first encountering a companion we/I can choose their abilities and level them up myself. Reason being, that I/we can choose abilities and talents that slot nicely into our party compositions.

Am i missing something with a optional tab, like in some previous games etc or did obsidian choose to not put this within the game to enhance the role playing aspect etc? I guess it does make sense, you take longer to find them, the stronger they are due to their own adventures etc.

I just feel in some circumstances this will result in players rushing to all the companion locations just to collect their favorites before they level, which is a bit immersion breaking :/


Could some tell me what happens if you recruit a party member but then dismiss them but then recruit them later? Do they auto level or allow you to level them?

Thanks :) 


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