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2 Bugs - Added intelligence radius not working / Quick switch.



As the title says. I'm currently testing a Cipher and I've got 18 intelligence. For some reason, my spells attack cones are  as if I have base intelligence, not showing the added range. I'm not sure if the added radius graphic is simply not showing, or if my Intelligence is bugged entirely.


Also, quick switch for some reason isn't working. When I first initially purchased the talent on my Rogue, it was working fine. I was using it to quickly switch between firearm weapons and shoot repeatedly. Sometime later, for some unknown reason the talent stops working and weapon switching is back to it's base time of 2+ seconds.

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I'm getting the same thing with the blast radius on Arch Linux. Interestingly, it worked fine when I first downloaded on day zero, but then it stopped working for apparently no reason the next day. I tried wiping all my config files and refreshing everything, but the bug remains. The only thing I could guess a tbeing the cause is that there's some bug connected with the date of the game release somehow - which would be weird, but I can't imagine what it would be otherwise.

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Same for me and my friend. Playing Cipher I have spent 18 points in INT and my spell effect cones and circles are base only. There is no outer circle representing the INT bonus.
I tried making cipher with 3, 6, 10, 16 INT. The indicator remains exacly the same in all cases. 


EDIT: After some testing I found that a wizard range indicators work properly (display both base and bonus range) but the actual effect of spells is limited to base indicator only. 


EDIT2: This happens with verion of the game.

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