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The map is effectively useless.

Arsene Lupin


Instead of showing an actual map of an area, the map button simply displays a zoomed out image of the current area. See:




Notice my party in the lower-right corner of the scree: the area around them (their field of view) is distinctly brighter than the rest of the map. This is because the fog-of-war is displayed on the map screen. In daylight, this simply makes the maps darker than they should be, and therefore slightly more difficult to use. It's annoying, but it's not a huge problem.


But it becomes a huge problem at night. Nighttime + fog-of-war = one big, useless map. See:



Can you tell what that is? I sure can't. And that's with the gamma turned all the way up in the settings menu.


This needs to be fixed: if at all possible; as soon as possible.

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You can increase the brightness by using the gamma settings in the game options.


But I have to say that the explored areas only a little bit brighter than the unexplored areas, and it´s real worde at night, even with the maximum ingame brightness.


So I hope too, that the explored areas will be brighter in the future (a point in the next patch to solve this maybe).

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Ulgh.... all my time with the Infinity Engine games just make it worse. I keep opening up the map to try and get my bearings, and every time I do so it's completely pointless. The dungeons/interior environments are particularly bad. Took me forever to fully explore Raedric's hold because I couldn't tell the difference between complete blank blackness on the map, and the actual map (obscured by FoW) on the screen. ~__~

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