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Bug: "Most Powerful Enemy Defeated" stuck on "Wolf"




"Most Powerful Enemy Defeated" not working properly.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

I did not test this but I'm guessing:


1. Kill a wolf (and have it be your most powerful killed)

2. Try to kill something else


Result: It will not update for that character.


I guess this because characters I got later in the game don't have this issue.


Important Files:

Captures,Dxdiag,Save game too large to attach even zipped so they are linked below -- if output log is needed please advise. Captures contain two characters with "Wolf" as top kill, and a capture showing a kill for a much stronger enemy for one of the characters.


Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_GtIS7GOnODc0RxanBJWlZwT1E/view?usp=sharing

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I'm also having this problem, that the "Most Powerful enemy defeated" statistics doesn't seem to update.

I'm att level 7 now and I still have a Xuarip Priest as a Most Powerful enemy defeated.

I'm at Act II and I have also finished level 5 at Endless Path of Od Nua.

Think it's strange when my main character have defeated several "bosses" for an example Gramrfel the Wayfarer, Orimanth Hassan and the drake at level 5 at Endless Path of Od Nua.


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