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Shadow Weapon Group Slot In Combat



This isn't a huge issue yet.  I just wanted to make a note of it more for myself, and to just notify people that it exists. It's not having a negative effect on my game at all right now.  Hence the lack of format specified in the thread pinned to the forum. 

I pulled some bows from the weapon group slots of my melee units and put in either a 1 hand and shield option, or a 2 hand option in their place. Simple, and works just fine. However, I am seeing inside combat when I select the characters with their Action Bar that the folks who should have only 2 weapon groups available, a third is listed, the bow that I recently pulled and dropped into their general inventory.

I can't access these bows/3rd weapon group. It's not crashing my game, and it's not affecting game play aside from simply being there like a shadow log of what was in slot 2, pushed to slot 3. Odd, but thought it deserved mentioning. 

I trucked through the Temple of Eothas and went back to town, there's no issues. Will respond again if something goes boom and it truly affects my gameplay and link you my save file in the event that occurs. 

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At some point (after reaching level 4?) all of my characters except my monk gained a third selectable weapon set in the action bar even though they have only two unlocked in the inventory. In the third set they don't have anything equipped, just hands.

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Kana has Armed to the Teeth as a racial ability. Whatever weapon you put in his 3rd slot will show up an un-usable third slot for all the other party members.

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