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How to Fix Raedric's Hold Crash





Temporal solution that work it for me.
We will need 7zip or some program for open the savefiles.
1. Open 7zip and go to C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity in 7zip
2. Open your savefile inside 7zip, in my case 49c623f3-dc4c-4eb7-be78-4e5f14755a5c quicksave.savegame, and delete all the files with Raedric in its name.
3. Open Pillars of Eternity and enjoy.
The only problem with this is that you lose all your progress with this zone, you will have all the fog of war....Maybe this is a exploit to discover the maps over and over again to get the exp? I didn't try this yet.



Cheers this works great, also If you don't want to redo all the areas I think you only need to delete the area that you can't access:


Int_02 - Top Floor with the clerics

Int_01 - Main floor where Raedric is.

Int_03 - Dungeon

Ext - Outside



I deleted just the .fog and .lvl files of the exact map that was crashing (Main Floor).  Then when i go back in there the map is reset, but only that map, so my quest progress didn't get affected.  I can exit and go back to that area without crashing after that and I've progressed to Act 2 without further crash issues.


Bump this if it works for you until dev add it to their workaround thread?

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