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Am I going to miss anything if I turn Voice off?

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What I find problematic about the partial voice over is the fact, that we have the descriptions of the narrator in between the spoken sentences, thus it's hard to catch up and read it synchronously. Especially if you're not using the english text!


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Is there any part of the game where I will miss something by turning voice volume to zero?

I'm not sure anyone has this knowledge yet, since it likely would require having completed every single possible thing in the game to do. That said...it's probably doubtful you'd miss anything vital, since voice acting was never the main focus for relating story/lore etc.


...just don't quote me on that. ;)

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Josch: That's one of my big problems.

LC: Thanks and I didn't quote you... :)


That is really my only complaint about this game so far is that the voice overs seem tacked on and as good as the writing is they seem really unnecessary.  Other than that I'm totally in awe mode.

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