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Missing description for Bear companion during character creation




During character creation, the game does not load the correct description for the Bear companion. In the description box to the right when selecting animal companions, the upper part typically loads a description of what that specific animal companion is good at (Lion can roar, Wolf does high damage, etc.), but the Bear only shows the description for the last other animal companion that you selected, or none at all.


That is, if you had Antelope selected and then change selection to the Bear, the title will change to "Bear Companion" but the description will still say "Antelope companions have naturally superior defenses [and so on]".

If you select a Bear companion first (without having selected anything else before that), it will not load the animal-specific description at all, but only the title "Bear companion" and then the general "All ranger form a strong [and so on]" text that usually goes underneath the animal-specific text.


Steps to reproduce the issue:

1. Start creating a Ranger character (from main menu or the adventurer recruitment in an Inn doesn't matter).

2a. When reaching the menu for selecting animal companion, click the Bear companion directly.


2b. When reaching the menu for selecting animal companion, choose any animal other than the Bear and the switch over to the Bear.


This is on the version from GOG (Kickstarter Royal edition, if that is of any relevance).


Sorry for the large images, but the Attach Files function didn't seem to work for me and I don't know if there's any way to get them as thumbnails :unsure:



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