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Game crash whenever zoning into keep's kitchen or keep hall



Hello, I am getting a bug when trying to zone into Raedric's keep kitchen.  I zone over and getting a loading screen as if the zone was loading then music starts to play but the screen is all black and I get the red circle with the bar through it whenever I mouse around.  It will do this and my game will crash eventually after I move the mouse around.  I can zone into other areas of the keep such as Raedric's Hall Sanctuary,  Upper Ramparts and Siege Platform.  This bug only happens to me when I try to zone into the keep kitchens or when I try and zone into the Keep Hall.  The crash is always the same.  


I get a loading screen

The screen loads pitch black with the red cirle with the bar through it

Soon as I move my mouse the game crashes.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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