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Screen Saver, Task Bar Notifications trump game in fullscreen



Hello Obsidian,


I have an interesting issue on my system. Task bar notifications and the screen saver are overriding the game while in full-screen mode. The task bar notifications are the most annoying as they interfere at the worst times, like during combat.


I'm running Windows 7 x64 Pro

Video Card is an Nvidia 640 running the latest drivers.

The hardware is a desktop PC, Intel i5

Game version is the Steam build


I will try to provide addtional information when I get home. What information would be the most useful, and, any suggestions on what to try as a work-around?




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Ah, it would appear from other posts that the game is not actually running in fullscreen at the moment. It is running in borderless windowed mode, allways. Well, if this is true, that would explain what I'm seeing. Is this true, and if it is, when might we see the game running in true fullscreen?

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Hello cRichards,


I'm still able to pause when in combat when this happens. The pop-ups are not interfering with the game controls or shifting keyboard/mouse focus. It is just a nuisance and a distraction. I don't think the game is auto-pausing when this happens, but I don't know for sure. I was not looking for that. I'll specifically watch for this next time this occurs. The first time I noticed this was with the screen saver while I was viewing the credits. That is a really long list! Imagine my surprise. The next observation was with the notifications. Nothing like getting immersed in the game and then getting this pop-up. Ruins the moment, kind of like in-game ads. Specifically, I am a user of Evernote. I was getting Evernote sync notifications. As a workaround, I'll try disabling notifications. But, I view this as a workaround and not a permanent fix.  

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Hello Obsideon,


I was following other full screen posts and this appears to be related to Unity. I was directed to a post on Steam for PoE and how to force opengl mode. This seems to have done the trick. Its a shame that Unity is having issues with DirectX.


Here is the post that addresses this issue:



Here is the post on Steam that shows one way of fixing this issue:


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