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suggestion for AOE indicators

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Right now the base area is red and the additional area through Intelligence is yellow.


My suggestion:

1.) - for spells/abilities that affect only friendly targets (like AOE heal) -> the entire area is green or blue

2.) - for spells/abilities that hit only enemies -> the entire area is yellow

3.) - for hostile spells with friendly fire -> the system that is used now (red base and yellow additional area)


This means:

green = you want to be there

yellow = you want your enemies to be there

red = get out of there


The only problem are spells that affect friends and enemies differently (like the priest ability that heals nearby friends and damages nearby enemies).


This is just a suggestion that may be nice to have, not something very urgent. I have never seen this in another game. But PoE is the only game I know with the mechanic described at 3 (A stat increases your Area, but the additional area deos not cause friendly fire). In all cases except 3 the difference between base area and additional area is irrelevant.

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