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Running in unison!

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I love this game, I've given it 10 on metacritic to silence the haters, so don't lynch me, BUT but I (semi-)HATE that the characters all run in exact unison. In fact I (semi-)hate that they run by default, full stop! This breaks my immersion. Wah, wah. One of the reasons I went off D:OS was because it felt totally 'unreal' especially mid-game onwards. Yes, maybe I am looking for 'Fantasy Simulator 2015' but still, some individuality in the character movement would be extremely nice to see, if that is ever possible...


ALSO - I'm not playing Trial of Iron but I'm still giving up each time I die. I can't bring myself to carry on if I die. Arghh! Think I'll just stick to Hard/Trial of Iron from now on, and get my money's worth!

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Yeah, every time I play this bugs me. (Would love to be able to toggle walk too.)


It just looks so silly for your troop of adventurers to jog along in perfect frame-by-frame unison that it becomes a distraction.

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While I understand the sentiment of jarringly synched running, I enjoy the fact that party members keep the same speed.


I wouldn't want fast but vulnerable companions to sprint ahead of my slow defenders, when I move around in a dungeon.

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It's a minor thing for me. This is a great game with a lot of roleplaying potential and it would be nice to have a walk toggle. The running in unison can get annoying, but most of the time I'm watching what uncovering the fog of war will reveal while spamming the F5 key. This means I don't stare at my characters while they're moving. Again, a very minor thing.

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